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Our Services

Our Services

Tri-it Provide installation, customisation, and support for ACT CRM and Swiftpage E Marketing, As an accredted ACT Partner our consultants have years of experience of implementing ACT into organisation big and small.

We know that unlike many CRM systems ACT can be up and running quickly and easily.

Need remote access to ACT then you have a choice of a on premise ACt Premium or ACT Premium Web. Or you could consider a Hosted solution which can be accessed via a web browser. If you require the full functionality from the product remotely then we can provide full access via Remote Desktop Services (RDS). We already have customer successfully using RDS to remotely access their customers data.

Our consultancy process:

We visit you to discuss your requirements, take time to understand how your current business processes work and to determine if ACT is a good fit for your operation.

We help you determine the correct product for your organisation ACT, ACT Premium, ACT Premium web, ACT Hosted, ACT Hosted Dedicated Server.

We will assess your the amount of current data that you need importing into ACT from Spreadsheets, databases, and other data sources to  determine how best to import your current data into the ACT system. We will also discuss any customisation which may be required to further meet the needs of your business. [including,  additional field requirements, calculation, auto number generation, sales processes etc

Once we are satisfied we can provide you with a system which will meet the needs of your organisation we provide  FIXED COST QUOTATION for the supply of the correct version of ACT.

Once the costs are agreed we provide a time scale for delivery, our engineers will attend site to install the product on your server, and other devices such as desktops tablets and phones. Our engineers will ensure that permissions and anti virus are configured to enable ACT to perform efficiently.

Once the install is complete we provide on site training for staff to enable them to be up and working quickly (normally 1  – 2 hours for normal operations) We also provide enhanced training for senior staff and directors so that they can gain the most benefit from the system and enable them to use the swift page e-marketing system to deliver marketing content direct to their customers.


There are many benefits of Act Version 19.2

Forecast, and track sales opportunities

  • By capturing important customer information you can forecast sales and orders and increase sales opportunities, manage sales teams electively and easily.
  • Link your mobile devices to ACT contacts, and activities Generate leads
  • Connect to your Outlook and Google mail to import import email and contacts directly into ACT
  • Set-up web form to capture customer information directly from your web site to ACT
  • Convert leads into customers
  • Track sales opportunities
  • Measure your business performance
  • Manage and share information
  • With your contact information centralised, customer details can be easily accessed and shared across your business.
  • View detailed customer insight and reports
  • Access notes, sales history and to-do items
  • so you know where you when dealing with customers
  • Share customer details, notes and sales history across the busines
  • enabling you to deliver a coordinated and consistent customer service


Free up your time

The screen layout ensures your contact information, appointments and to-do-lists are never far from your fingertips.

  • Instant access to your contacts and diary appointments
  • Comprehensive summary views of your top priorities and sales opportunities
  • Schedule calls and meetings and prioritise your to-do lists


Integrate your sales and marketing activity

Send the right message to the right customer at the right time.

  • Create, send and measure targeted communications to and from your customers
  • Access one of 40 ready-made templates when writing emails, letters and memos to customers or create your own version